How to Find the right Eye Doctor

eyeFinding the right eye doctor is a crucial step in maintaining your optical health. Unfortunately, most people don’t know where to begin when choosing a practitioner. There are several different kinds of eye care experts and specialties within the field. The following guide will help you will begin the process of selecting the right eye doctor in Columbus, Portland, or wherever you may be.

Choose the Type of Eye Doctor     

Choosing the type of eye doctor that is right for you depends upon your individual needs. You will want to consider your current eye health, any pre-existing conditions, and how serious your vision needs may be. (more…)

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How Obstetrics Enable You to Live More Fully

preggyIf you’re a woman who’s recently given birth or is considering becoming pregnant, knowing your options as they pertain to birthing can be important. Obstetricians have been perfecting the science of women’s reproductive functions for centuries. In the middle ages women were traditionally remanded to the care of a midwife, who laboriously worked to make sure that the birth was complication free. Now days, midwives are still an important part of the birthing process. The ability to be able to choose how your baby is born or which type of birth you’d like to experience as a couple is a luxury only enjoyed by children and parents who were conceived within the last 30 years. Medical science has made having a baby nearly fool proof with the help of antibiotics, newly developed surgical equipment and techniques, and progress in operating room hygienic practices. Couples are now allowed to choose whether they would like a “natural” birth at home under the loose care of a physician, a birth managed by a midwife at a maternity facility, or bearing a child at the local hospital. Working with a Lewisville, TX, obstetrics specialist can also be one of your choices. (more…)

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