My Doctor Said I Have Drusen…What Are They?

laser-eye-surgery-AtlantaYou just left the eye doctor and he has informed you that you need to come back for another check up much sooner than expected. He told you that you have what is known as drusen and he would like to watch it to make sure that it doesn’t get worse. Then he threw around some more technical terminology and you’re still not sure what is going on with your eyes.  Before you panic, let’s break down what’s happening with your eyes.

What Are They?

To make it simple, drusen are round white/yellow spots that develop on the macula and optic nerve. The macula is a part of the retina, the back of your eye,  that is responsible for detecting light. These spots are mainly made up of fats, also known as lipids. There are many kinds, but the two that are most common are hard (more…)

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How to Shave Your Head Like a Barber

barberMany men choose to shave their heads.  Most find that it looks better to go with a shaved head when hair begins to recede.  Others just like the look.  Whatever drives you to shave your head there are a few important tips you should follow to ensure a close shave with minimal irritation.  A barber in Orlando can provide you a great close shave, but if you choose to do-it-yourself you can use the same methods they use to get a similar result.

Hot Towels

Hot towels are a specialty of barber shops.  The towel is put on skin for a few reasons.  First, it softens the hair so that it shaves more easily.  Second, it opens the pores to reduce irritation and ingrown hairs.  Make sure that your hot towel is as hot as you can stand.  Let it sit on your head for at least two minutes for the full benefits.  (more…)

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When To Get Legal Medical Help

health-clinicSometimes people are afraid to ask for medical compensation because they think it is hard to get and that it is a long process. However, if you have been injured due to someone else’s actions, like in a car accident or at work, it is your right to get compensated. This usually includes having the person or company responsible for the accident pay for your medical bills, and sometimes even receiving some money for any days that you will have to miss work due to the accident. If you think you deserve to get compensation you should not hesitate to look for Chicago Legal Medical Help.

Injuries that Deserve Compensation (more…)

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The Most Luxurious Barber Experience

Modeled after the barbershops of times past, modern day replicas are springing up and offering a variety of services for men. Taking hair removal to the next level, these salons offer more than mere haircuts – they offer incredibly smooth shaves and luxury hair and skin treatments for any man who wants an escape from the demands of daily life. By utilizing the information available on the internet, you can find a San Diego barber who can open your eyes to the wonderful world of barbershops and luxury shaves.

A Pampering Experience

Where women have spas and salons, men are harder pressed to find a place to go and get pampered and decompress from the cares of the day. Barbershops offer a masculine setting that still possesses an environment of luxury and care. Offering far more than a simple shave or haircut, these facilities go the extra mile to make your experience a memorable one. Top of the line products, masterful barbers, well-practiced techniques, and a wealth of knowledge all make for the ultimate pampering experience for men. (more…)

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