A Chiropractor Can Include Pilates In Treatment Programs

Chiropractors go to school for many years to learn about the spine and how to release it when it gets stuck.  They also can adjust other parts of the skeleton like the hands, elbows, hips and feet.  Some chiropractors go on to be trained in other specialties.  In their chiropractic practice they can add other things to complement their chiropractic adjustments.  Massage therapy is a very good companion to chiropractic adjustments.  When the muscles are warmed up and not so tight the chiropractor can generally get a better adjustment than he or she could without massage.  You might even find a Nanuet chiropractor that has a Pilate’s instructor that will work with the chiropractic patients to strengthen and help them return to health.

Pilates and Breathing

Pilates is a method of exercising that began many years ago and was utilized by dancers to strengthen their core for the purpose of preventing injuries and also for recovering after an injury.  If they were injured they couldn’t work.  Pieces of equipment were developed by the founder as he developed the method.  Some Pilate’s instructors use the equipment and others use just a mat on the floor.  Breathing is a huge part of the Pilates exercise method.  It is important to coordinate the exercises with the breath.  The focus is not on how fast you can do each exercise but the control you can maintain while doing the exercise.

Pilates and Movement

As the typical student is beginning their Pilates classes there will be some sloppiness in their movements because they are not accustomed to the control that is needed to execute each exercise.  As they progress through their classes their body will be strengthened.  Muscles they never thought they had will be sore but as they continue the muscles will stop being sore and start being strong.  There are no sudden movements in the Pilates method of exercise.  The movement during Pilates exercise are fluid and on purpose.  The goal is to have every movement start at the core and move out from there.  Your posture will improve immensely with the Pilates method and you like the improved look.  Look for a Nanuet chiropractor who includes Pilates in his treatments and schedule an introductory class.  Classes are taught with many students attending as well as private one on one classes.  You only need a mat to start out with and to arrive at class in comfortable clothes you can move your body in.