Time to See a Dermatologist

There are few things that are more embarrassing than an acne outbreak – especially if you’re well past your teenage years. You may have tried a few different soaps or creams, to no avail. If you’re still suffering a skin condition and you feel like you’ve tried everything, it might be time to click here at the bottom of the page for information on dermatologists near you. 


What do you think is the worst skin problem to ever befall humanity? Ask any teenager – and a whole lot of adults, for that matter – and they’ll all talk to you about acne as if it were the Black Death itself. Acne has been the cause of many a traumatizing moment in a young man or woman’s life. In extreme cases, it can be agonizingly painful. And, yet, for how common it is, and how embarrassing it is, there are relatively few acne sufferers who really know anything about what causes the condition and what successfully combats it. The root cause of acne is an overactive sebum gland. Sebum is an oily liquid whose main purpose is to waterproof the skin and the hair. However, when too much sebum is produced, it starts carrying dead skin cells through the follicles of the skin and up to the surface. Eventually, the accumulation of dead skin cells clogs up the follicle. When a small hair tries to grow through the follicle and finds itself blocked by dead skin cells, an infection occurs and becomes a pimple on your skin. Because the production of sebum is increased by the flow of hormones through the body, acne is most commonly experienced during adolescence. However, acne has more than its fair share of adult sufferers. If you’ve been battling with acne for a lot longer than what is considered normal, then it could be time to make an appointment with a dermatologist.

Things to Know

If you decide to enlist a dermatologist in the fight against acne, there are a few things which are important to know. First and foremost, no skin condition clears up overnight. It’s important to continue your prescribed treatment, even if it seems like your acne is getting worse at first. Eventually, your skin will begin to clear up. You should also know that no two people respond to the same treatment in the same way. What works for someone else might not be right for you. You’ll probably have to try two or three different treatment regimens before you find something that works for you. And, when you finally do achieve that clear, blemish-free skin, don’t stop your treatment. It’s the kind of thing that only works when you keep using it consistently. If you’re ready to get a dermatologist’s help and get the clear skin you want, click here for more details. 

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Find Your Perfect Haircut at a Salon

If you’re like most people, you’ve had haircuts you hated, haircuts you liked, and maybe even haircuts you liked a whole lot, but you have yet to fall in love. The perfect haircut is evasive for most people, but rest assured it does exist. All you need is a solid understanding of your hair type and face shape, and an appointment with a skilled stylist like those found at Devachan Salon. 

Understanding what sort of hair you have is half the battle when it comes to finding your perfect cut. You may see someone with a cut you adore, be it a celebrity or a stranger in the market, but if their hair type or face shape is much different than yours, that same cut will fall flat on you. So, take a few minutes and consider your hair and face, trying to be as objective as possible.

First you need to determine your hair’s thickness and how much of it you have, which are two different things. For instance, a person can have fine hair but lots of it, or coarse hair that is thinning. The first part refers to individual hair strands, their thickness, and how they behave, whereas the second part refers to the actual number of hairs on your head. Once you’ve figured out where you are on the thickness-and-amount spectrum, determine your hair type. Is it straight, wavy, or curly? Do you lack body or control? Is it frizzy, dry, oily, or normal? All of this factors into the way your hair behaves and its ability to be styled in certain ways. 

Next, you need to know your face shape. A cut that looks sassy on someone with a round face might look severe on someone with a longer face. If you’re not sure what your face shape is, look in a mirror with your hair pulled back and use eyeliner or lipstick to trace the outline of your face. Step back and take a look. That’s your face shape. 

Now that you’ve got all this knowledge, use it well. Look for people with similar hair types and face shapes and keep an eye out for a haircut that gets you excited. When you find one (or maybe two), take a picture. Take that picture to your stylist at Devachan Salon and ask his or her opinion. If they think it’s a look that would work for you, you’re on your way to true love of the follicular kind. 

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Professional Skin Care vs. Drug Store Brands

Most people want to look their best, especially when it comes to their skin. However, with so many different products and options out there, it can be tough to know which to buy. There’s also a lot of debate about higher-end lines versus the familiar brands you see at mass retailers. Is there really a difference or are people who buy the expensive stuff really just paying for hype and marketing? Are the prestige lines worth the spend? Why does your dermatologist often recommend stuff you can pick up at the corner drug store instead of professional skin care lines? Which choice is the right one? Those are good questions, and ones worth examining.

In most cases, there really is a difference between spendier products and more economically-priced ones—and it’s not just in the packaging and the places in which you purchase it. The higher-end products generally contain better ingredients than their cheaper counterparts. You may protest, saying that a glance at the labels reveal nearly identical ingredient lists, and you know what? You’re right. But what the label probably doesn’t tell you is the quality of the ingredient or the concentration of it. Think of the difference between a steak at a diner and a steak at a renowned steakhouse. They’re both steak, but there’s no comparison between the two. You get what you pay for. Same goes for ingredients in facial products. The ingredients may have the same names, but the way in which they are formulated and delivered can be vastly different—and so can your results.

So, if the stuff the pros in spas are selling is superior, why does your dermatologist tell you to buy something at the drug store? There are myriad possible answers to that question, but here are some of the more likely ones. First of all: availability. Your derm doc knows the likelihood of you making a special trip to a spa to purchase a product is exponentially lower than the likelihood of you picking something up while you’re grocery shopping. Second of all: price. Unless it’s a prescription, your insurance isn’t going to cover your face wash and moisturizer, so your doctor is probably trying to do you a solid and recommend something cheap that is also decent. Is it as good as a professional skin care product? No. It will work okay, but the fact is, if you want serious results, you’re going to need the serious product.

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All about Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can be an effective way to deal with unwanted body hair. Although people have dealt with unwanted body hair in various ways throughout the world’s history, including shaving, waxing, using tweezers, and even using chemical solutions, laser hair removal is a rather modern concept. Although lasers were first used to remove hair in the late 1960′s, it wasn’t until the 1990′s that the methods improved enough to be very effective. Today, laser hair removal is a popular and very effective way to permanently rid yourself of unwanted hair. It is, however, still being improved. If you’re considering Columbus laser hair removal, you’ll want to find a doctor you can trust, and make sure you carefully consider the possible outcomes and risks associated with the procedure.

Choosing Your Doctor

Selecting an experienced doctor is the first step to successful laser hair removal. You want to find a doctor who specializes in laser hair removal, who offers reasonable prices, has plenty of experience, and is qualified. If you know family and friends who have undergone laser hair removal procedures, ask them what doctor they used. Get the contact information for a few different doctors. Do some research to make sure that each doctor is qualified. Search online for patient reviews or call the office to see if they can provide you with some referrals of satisfied patients. Go over the procedures and prices of each office on the phone. If you’re invited into the office for an initial consultation, make sure the consultation is free before committing to it. It’s a good idea to meet the doctor before you make your final decision, so if you can arrange a consultation, then do it. 

How to Prepare

Once you’ve selected your doctor and are confident that he or she is qualified and experienced, go over the details of the procedure. Make sure you understand the risks that my be involved and have realistic expectations about the results. You may experience blistering or scabbing and rare cases may even receive some scars. Laser hair removal usually takes as many as eight treatments with three or more weeks between treatments before hair is permanently removed. Ask your doctor what you should do to prepare for the procedure. Many doctors will recommend that you don’t suntan for a few weeks prior to the laser hair removal, and they may also instruct you to avoid shaving or waxing for a week or two before as well. Although it is generally pain-free, you may want to take some pain reliever right before your Columbus laser hair removal to help ease any discomfort you may feel.

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A Peek at Laser Hair Removal

When you think about a spa, you rarely associate it with pain, nervousness, and dread. Most people look forward to going to a spa, but if you are considering laser hair removal in Houston, you may be hesitant. Waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal all have their drawbacks as far as discomfort goes. The price of beauty is high. However, some spas offer services that will put you at ease and make the choice to laser your hair easy. Here are some ways that a spa will make your treatment more comfortable. 

Anesthesia and Chilled Tips

If you have friends who have had laser treatments, they have probably complained about the zapping feeing they get when a hair follicle is targeted. With chilled tips for the machine, the laser doesn’t burn so much coming out. The pain is reduced to a minimum and you can have a fairly comfortable visit. Some spas also offer a local, topical anesthesia to make the process more comfortable. You won’t have the same sharp feeling and you will be able to relax your muscles more. If you are less tense during your treatment, you won’t be as sore afterward. 

Multiple Follicles

At many spas they will target one follicle at once, making the process very long, tedious, and in some cases torturous. The best spas will have the top of the line equipment to be able to target multiple follicles at once and you will be able to get in and out more quickly. 

One-on-One Treatment

The best spas  will make an effort to give personalized treatment to each of their customers. You don’t want to feel like a number when you go to a spa and you want to feel comfortable with your specialist, since he or she will become very personal with your most embarrassing parts. It is important that you feel as secure as possible with your professional. Try and build a rapport with him or her and notice if they remember things about you and view you as more of a friend than a client. The whole purpose of a spa is to make you feel important. So if you are looking for a place for hair removal in Houston, look for those traits in a spa. 

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