What to Expect from Your First Visit to the Spa

If you have never been to a Newport Beach spa, or any spa for that matter, you may think that it is simply a matter of showing up and they‘ll take care of you. However, there is information that you will have to disclose in order to proceed with a massage appointment. You may have to disclose health conditions that didn’t even occur to you to be relevant. Of course, once you have filled out all of the information, you can proceed with the massage.

What kind of information will I have to disclose?

You will most likely have to fill out a questionnaire that will ask you about your medical and family history. The kinds of questions that you may find are: Have you had any recent surgeries, if so, how long ago? The reason why this is relevant is because the massage therapist needs to know where to be careful or what areas of your body to avoid. Another question may be: Do you, or have you recently had athlete’s foot or fungus? This part is relevant because the massage therapist will massage everything, including your feet. They do not want to touch an area that is infected because they do not wear gloves during the massage and may contract the fungus themselves. You may also have to disclose if you are allergic to any medications because while they are massaging you they will use oils that may cause you irritation. (more…)

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Find The Best Stress Relievers For You

Everyone experiences it, no one can escape its influence.  The pressure that life and all of her responsibilities can really take a toll on a person.  It is important to employ techniques to combat the pressures of life.  There are a variety of stress relievers that you can use to balance out the effects of life’s tensions.  Some may work well for you and others may not.  Try out one or two and see if they work and if they do, great!  If they don’t work, don’t worry, just try something different.


Sometimes called, ‘life’s natural anti-depressant’, exercise is a wonderful way to combat the tension in your life.  When you exercise (more…)

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Make Your Back Feel Better with Tempurpedic

When your back hurts and you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep, it can really ruin your productivity during the day. Sleep is such an important part of being healthy and when you feel like you can’t sleep because of back trouble or a bad mattress, life starts to seem more and more like work and less like fun. It never hurts to look at several different brands of mattresses like Serta or Tempurpedic so you know that you can be well-rested for whatever comes your way.

Benefits of a Good Night’s Rest

In our busy world, sometimes the last thing you want to do is take time out of your day to go mattress shopping. (more…)

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