Choosing Between Dentures or Implants

Finding a solution for missing teeth is simpler than you may imagine, especially with the new improvements in cosmetic dentistry. Most patients will have the option of dental implants or dentures in Columbus when replacing missing teeth. However, the procedures and the results vary greatly between the two options and not everyone is a candidate. Choosing how to address your tooth loss must be a decision made only after you and your dental provider have discussed and evaluated all of your options.


Dentures are made from a combination of plastics, metal, acrylic, or porcelain materials. Patients who choose this method to replace broken or missing teeth find that this procedure is not invasive, but does require a bit of time to see the finished results. It usually takes several visits before the process is complete. During these visits, patients will be fitted for molds, which the dentures will be created from. After the molds are complete, there may be adjustments that need to be made to ensure the new appliances fit properly. Upper dentures are usually more convenient to wear than lower sets, mainly because the appliance affixes to the roof of the mouth by natural suction. Both sets require routine maintenance, including soaking and manual cleaning.


Dental implants are the top dog when it comes to dealing with tooth loss. Implants are made from titanium and surgically fused to the sockets within your jawbone. In other words, implants are the closest thing you can get to actually having your real teeth back. They function like real teeth. They feel like real teeth and they can be cared for like real teeth. However, when patients choose implants they should understand that this is an invasive dental procedure that does require recovery time. They also cost quite a bit of money, which insurance will most likely not cover due to the fact that implants are considered an elective, cosmetic procedure. However, the results from dental implants are superior.

Discuss Your Options

When deciding what procedure will work best to counteract your tooth loss, it is best to explore all your options with your dentist. Certain patients may be advised to avoid procedures due to pre-existing medical conditions. People with immune problems or diabetes should discuss with their dentist whether or not dental surgery is a safe option. Some patients may be required to take antibiotics well before the surgery or cease taking prescribe medication, like blood thinners, before a procedure. While dentures in Columbus are cheaper and the less invasive choice, they can also be uncomfortable and difficult take care of. Your dentist will be able to thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of all your options so that you can make a decision that will be the right decision for your health, lifestyle, and wallet.