How to be a Great Barber

barberOwning your own barber shop takes a lot of skill and dedication. Your business success will be a direct result of how good of a barber you are. If you follow these simple tips, you can be well on your way to being the best Sacramento barber. Make your shop the one that everyone wants to go to!

Being an Outstanding Barber

You should first start off your career by getting a respectable education in cutting hair. Be sure to have a lot of practice before you open your shop so that you can build a reputation of giving a great cut. For example, a lot of men like to be shaved with a straight razor when they go to the barber shop. If you can get good at this skill, you will attract more customers. Learn everything you need to learn in order to give customers what they want, and you are ready to open your shop. Of course, you will need to do some advertising to bring people into your shop in the first place. The best way to get people into your shop is through word of mouth, so a good idea to open your shop and for a specific amount of time, allow customers a free or extremely cheap haircut on their first time in. They will go out and share their experience with friends, who will hopefully come to your shop for business. These people will return and pay full price for the next haircut if you give them a good experience. If you can think of any similar promotional ideas to get people into your shop the first time, go for it. Once you get people in your shop, you will need to give them a great experience that will have them coming back for more. First, they should see a clean and welcoming shop when they walk in. Have magazines handy for people to read as they wait in a comfortable waiting area. Cushy chairs or couches are great for this. Welcome people with a friendly smile as they walk in the door, even if you are busy with another customer. You can bring a customer over to a comfortable chair to sit in as you give them the cut they desire. You will need to be good at small talk as you make conversation with people you have never met before. Try to remember each and every person that walks into your shop, so that you can remember their name and continue your conversation from before. Try to remember the cut they want as well; customers love it when they don’t even have to tell you what they want.

Success in Your Shop

If you can create the right environment and have the right skills, you will be a successful Sacramento barber. Though it may be slow at first, word of your shop will spread over time and you will build a customer base. This customer base is key to being successful, so treat all your customers with respect and always give them exactly what they want.