Pampering Your Man At The Modern Barber Shop

Every woman dreams of having a relaxing day at the spa. It is often an indulging experience and women leave feeling womanly and relaxed. A gift to the spa would be a perfect trip for you but what about your husband? While spas can help both men and women, they are typically geared towards women and their needs. However, men enjoy feeling pampered too–but not at the expense of feeling less manly.  If you would like to give your man a gift equivalent to going to the spa, consider a gift certificate to a barber in Lone Tree. Barber shops are no longer just the little old man with the shop on the corner where a man gets his hair cut. Today’s barber shops are evolving to a place that feels “all man” and a man can relax while enjoying a haircut and a hot, old-fashioned shave.

Why a Barber?

Barbers are specifically trained in cutting and styling men’s hair but a big difference in their training is shaving and trimming men’s beards. Barber shops are no longer just the little shop on the corner. Modern barber shops are geared towards creating a manly environment for men while providing them with a haircut and luxury shave. Barbers all over the country are trying to bring back the barbershop and cater to the modern needs of today’s man. All the products used contain scents that men enjoy leaving him with a nice haircut and a manly aroma. A barber can also teach a man tricks for a better shave when he is at home and products to use that are made for a man’s skin and hair.

A Barber vs. A Cosmetologist

A barber is not just another hair stylist. A barber specializes in men’s haircuts, color, and styling along with shaving with a straight razor. A cosmetologist is trained in cutting and styling hair but their training can also include manicures and pedicures, cosmetics, and other various beauty needs. They are rarely trained in shaving and if they are, it is only briefly covered in their training. A barber in Lone Tree can give a cut and luxurious shave to a man while keeping him in a manly environment and making him feel pampered at the same time. Both have to receive training and licenses which are entirely different from the others’ training. So next time you are wondering what to get for the man in your life, consider a gift to a barbershop.