The Best Laser Hair Removal in NYC

hair2There are many ways that woman go about making themselves look and feel beautiful. Getting a monthly manicure and pedicure, having their hair cut and colored, or splurging on a luxurious facial are all things that woman do to keep themselves perfectly put together. Many woman get tips from fashion and lifestyle magazines which tell how the most glamorous celebrities maintain their enviable looks. Celebrities have access to amazing hair and makeup professionals, the best laser hair removal in NYC, and personal stylists. There are several ways that you can look like your favorite model, singer, or actress without breaking the bank.

How to Look Like You Have Your Own Glam Squad

When you see a picture of any celebrity, you will notice that they always experiment with different looks. Most girls tend to stick to the same hairstyle that feels comfortable for them like a pony tail or flat ironing their hair. Sticking to the same look can make you look and feel dull. When getting ready for your day, you have to take into account what type of look you are going for before choosing a hairstyle. If you are going for a classy look, a sleek ballerina bun would show off dramatic makeup. If going for a sexy look, spray your roots with hairspray and use a round brush to create voluminous layers.

Braids are very popular with celebrities this season and are versatile and easy to transition from work to a night out Try a funky fishtail braid for a fun and easy look. If you are trying to save time and money, consider getting laser hair removal on your legs and underarms. Think about the time you would save if you did not have to worry about shaving. Many celebrities have had laser hair removal.

Dressing Like a Celebrity

Although many of your favorite singers and actresses have an entire team to pick out their clothes, you can still look red carpet ready without hiring a personal stylist. A big trend in Hollywood right now is combining shorts, dresses or skirts with tights or leggings. This look is trendy and will also keep you warm. Consider pairing patterned tights with a solid colored skirt. Skinny jeans are both sexy and comfortable. They can be paired with a loose blouse on top and cowboy boots or ballerina flats and a faux leather jacket. Accessories are also an important part of any A-list ensemble. Large statement pieces like chunky bracelets or long earring should be worn by themselves. If you are wearing more delicate pieces, such as a thin gold necklace, then feel free to wear other pieces to compliment it. Wrapping a brightly patterned scarf around your neck is also a great way to add color to any getup. Remember, that a few simple things like, finding the best laser hair removal in NYC, keeping up with trends, and trying out some new looks will leave you feeling like you belong on the pages of a fashion magazine.