The Comforts of a Leap Chair

Do you feel exhausted coming home every day from work with your back hurting? Well maybe it’s time you look into getting a chair that works naturally with your spine and promotes healthy back posture. An ergonomic designed chair like the leap chair does just that by adapting to whatever comfort needs you might have because it’s fully customizable.

An ergonomic chair will have several features that you will love such as adjustable height, comfortable seat, and support while reclining. A chair without any support just isn’t right for you if it distracts you with pain in your back when you should be concentrating.


With any office chair you can adjust the height to your needs, the perfect height for you should be with your feet resting flat on the floor. You should also be able to adjust the armrests. With an ergonomic chair you can move the armrests in practically any direction that you need. You can move them back if you want to get closer to your desk or you can move the armrests from side to side. To be comfortable for you, the armrests should be level with your desk so you don’t strain yourself by leaning forward.

Back Support

How well a chair can support your back should be the determining factor in whether or not you buy the chair. So usually when people complain about their back pain, they specifically refer to their lower back, which is called the lumbar spine. The lumbar part of your spine curves inward and so slouching over in your chair will make your back hurt. So it won’t matter what kind of chair that you get, if you don’t sit up straight with your back against the chair then you will always have lower back pain. But the thing is, sitting up straight will only cure part of your problem, in the chair that you choose to buy should be able to adjust to that spot in your lower back that needs support the most.


Another important feature to have in your ergonomic office chair should be to ability to recline back.  Simply because it’s important to be able to adjust your body position throughout the day while you are at work so you can alleviate the pressure on your back.  Seat depth adjustment is crucial as well because need to be able to sit against the back rest with the back of your knees two to three inches away from the edge of the seat.  The edge of the seat should be flexible and encourage blood flow to your legs rather than cutting it off.  So when buying an ergonomic chair like a leap chair, you should pay attention to how it adapts to you instead of the other way around.